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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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breaking news. the death of a baseball legend george steinbrenner at the age of 80. we just got a new statement from the yankees and we'll talk with ken burns coming up. also today, testing time. there's a new tighter containment cap on the sunken rig in the gulf this morning, but will it stop the oil from gushing out of control. we'll know in just hours. losing faith. a majority of americans now say they do not have confidence that president obama can make the right decisions for the country. plus -- >> you understand that? you understand that? >> mad as mel. radaronline releasing even more shocking audiotapes reportedly of actor mel gibson threatening his ex-girlfriend. plus, sorbing. it's a new and extreme and kind of crazy sprt aort and it's jusf
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the charts. i'm chris jansing live from msnb world headquarters in new york and the baseball world has been rocked. george steinbrenner, the lo long-time owner of the new york yankees has died after a massive heart attack. this statement just in from the yankees. they say he was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. he took a great, but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again. i'm joined on the phone now by filmmaker ken burns. good to see you. thanks very much. a lot of times when you see statements at a time like this, but calling steinbrenner a visionary is no exaggeration, is it? >> not at all. his influence in the game of baseball has been central and, obviously, we extend our deeper condolences to the family but this is really the passing of an age. this is an utterly american character. we've seen his type stride
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across our stage in many of our eras but last 30, 40 years of baseball can be, in some ways, considered steinbrenner here. this is an american born on the fourth of july that is really almost better suited to running a football team than a baseball team where it is much more about loss. a man who never tolerated loss and for years and decades ru ushered in this period of turmoil and winning that left not only the rest of the baseball world, but yankee fans divided on that strategy. but, nonetheless, he made colorful news every moment of every day and brought the yankees back to being the most successful franchise in all of baseball history. >> i want to talk in a minute about yankees and baseball and what he did to that franchise. tell me a little bit about george stein brenner the man. he was criticized for his
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meddlesome style and some people said he had become much more mellow. who was the george steinbrenner that you knew? >> the one that we were used to was the leader of the yankees who was willing at a moment's notice reverse course and fire a manager, as he did, you know, more than 20 times in 22 years. quite often that person being the volatile billy martin and this man who was restless and had that kind of football mentality of needing to win every single game when baseball teaches you those lessons of losses every single day. was able to at different eras at first in the late '70s when he first bought the franchise in the early '70s and joe torre in the mid-90s ushering in this amazing dynasty that is with us to this day. >> in fact, the first franchise
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to be valued at 0 $10 billion. that is a -- >> when he bought that team from cbs, he just paid a few million dollars for it and he has really road that franchise to the most extraordinary financial success in all of sports. >> ken, if you could stay, i want to also bring in our nbc correspondent mike tiabbi who sat through a few yankees games in his day. >> i went to my first world series in -- >> and watching george steinbrenner for a long time. what are your thoughts about him? >> he was a large figure. he strolled across the stage, that is true. this is not just someone who had the money. he got involved. so much so and as ken said and everybody acknowledges he was the most successful 11 world
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series and 7 seven world pennants and when his sons took over in 1997, they continued that tradition. >> when you see baseball fans across the country, whether they're five years old or 95 years old, there doesn't seem to be a lot of in between. you love or hate the yankees. >> he was out there. >> how much of that do you attribute to john steinbrenner. >> a lot of that was new york, as well. even though he wasn't a new yorker at all. >> came from ohio. >> that's right. he became identified with this city. this big, brassy, noisy, boastful city. a guy who was so arrogant in a way he appaologized when the yankees lost the world series once and got a lot of criticism for that outside of new york city. he said once after breathing, winning is the most important thing. >> one thing we haven't talked a lot about is that he was also a
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great philanthropist. he was involved in charitable organizations and gave his heart, as well as his money. what will his legacy be? what will people write about in baseball books and talk about in baseball documentaries 10, 50, 20 years from now? >> i think it's just this combination of turmoil and ultimate victory that will be his legacy. it's very rare that an owner imposes himself or his shadow between the fan and the game itself. but in this case, you could not talk about the yankees without talking about steinbrenner. his style, his volatile temper. all of those things. of course, he's a man with a family and had many other interests in life, but it's that sort of single-minded, determined stewardship of the yankees that will come to mind. it's sort of interesting that the yankees more recent success habeen in some ways, in spite of steinbrenner, he was, of course, forbidden to be involved
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for a while which permitted the yankees who were famous for trading away their home-grown talant and buying superstars. they permitted them to buy that home-grown crop of the ramirez and andy pettittes and jorge posadas and most importantly the derek jeter and it's that nucleus that remained in tact for the last 15 years that has been the heart of the success added to by the free agents which had always been steinbrenner's style. you get rid of your manager and you hire some new gun and you, essentially as many people in the rest of the baseball world accused him of time and time again bought your pennant and bought your world series and i think it will be the new free spending idea of the activist that will be his legacy for years and years to come. >> love or hate the yankees, hard to yeep your opinions off of george steinbrenner. >> it's funny, though.
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the yankees are the most successful franchise in all of baseball history and, so, it is natural that if they steal the spotlight. when we did our baseball series this new one coming up, you just know that the yankees are always going to be there. you don't have to actually deal with them, per se, because they're always front and center. you focus on other things and what that breeds in the rest of the country and the rest of the teams is sort of that hating of the yankees. tom boswell said 90% of all baseball fans hate the yankees and should. again, you also have to have that begrudging respect for that style that seems so out of sink with what baseball's day-to-day lessons are continued the continuation of that winning tradition, which is the hallmark of that pinstripe team. >> ken burns, thank you so much for your thoughts and, mike tiabbi, hopefully we'll hear from you later in the day.
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legendary baseball owner yankees owner george steinbrenner dead that age of 80. other breaking news to tell you about. hall of fame linedom backer lawrence taylor pleaded not guilty to charges that he had sex with a 16-year-old girl. he was smiling as he arrived here in new york state today for an arraignment on those charges. that includes third degree rape. the 51-year-old taylor pleaded not guilty through his lawyer and when a reporter asked him if he was guilty he replied simply, grow up. we'll continue to follow that story, as well. two big breaking news stories in the world of sports now. also developing now on msnbc. bp testing that new cap to see if they can stop all the oil flowing into the gulf. 85 days into this disaster, it could be a new turning point. the new cap went on last night. tests say it could take between
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six and 46 hours. the devastation left behind could take months or even years or longer to clean up. ken feinberg, the man in charge of bp's $20 million bank account told florida fishermen and owners that he will make the claims process easier. feinberg does not want this to drag on like the exxon valdez did for to years. >> we have set up a facility. don't file a lawsuit, at least not yet. come into this facility and get a tendered amount that would prevent all of that years of litigation and walk away with that check. that's my goal. >> first lady michelle obama walked florida's beaches on a visit yesterday. she hopes tourists will spend money in the region and realize that not all beaches have all on them. mara, what is the latest on what you're hearing on where we stand with that cap?
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>> chris, this could be a very significant day in the life span of this crisis because it's conceivable today for the first time in almost three months bp may be able to stop the flow of new oil into the waters of the gulf here. now, as you mentioned last night they placed this new cap on top of the well. it's designed to completely seal off that leak and what they're doing today and what they will be doing perhaps for the next few days is testing that. they're running some pressure tests and shutting down the valves of this new cap, as well, as temporarily shutting down the surface containment systems and they're going to be measuring pressure readings and what they want to see and what they're looking for is high pressure because if they have low pressure it means they have a leak somewhere else that they're going to have to address. if everything goes the way they hope it will and they will do this testing for 6 to 48 hours, they will be able to completely contain that leak so at the very least you don't have any fresh oil getting into the waters
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here, firurther damaging the waters and the coastline. in terms of the final solution, that lies in a relief well which is scheduled to be completed for mid-august. chris? >> thank you, mara. the teen accused of being the barefoot bandit will not feel so audacious this morning. new videotapes show clayton hares moore at the marinas. today we will find out if he will face charges in the bahamas before coming back here to the united states. here he is accused of crimes in eight different states. just when you thought all the russian spies left our shores reports out this morning that the fbi uniset holding a 12th person in connection with that spy ring. a 23-year-old russian man who has been under investigation since last fall when his name first surfaced in a decade-long
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espionage situation. he is expected to be deported from the u.s. some time later today. this just in to msnbc. shocking audiotapes reportedly actor mel gibson going off even more on his ex-girlfriend. >> you need a [ bleep ] doctor. you need a [ bleep ] brain transplant. >> find out what else he's saying about it. you'll find it out here, first.
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it is the end of an era. flags are flying at half staff at steinbrenner field. the yankees spring training
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complex following the death of legendary owner george steinbrenner. employees there said to be in tears. steinbrenner turned the yankees into a moneymaking machine and a baseball powerhouse, although he had been in failing health in recent years he just turned 80 on july 4th. his death very sudden of a massive heart attack in florida. yankees owner george steinbrenner dead at the age of 80. we'll continue to follow this man with a tremendous impact on the game of baseball. now, it appears that the deadly twin bombings in uganda could have been even worse. investigators say they found an unexploded suicide vest suggesting a third attack was planned. three people were arrested in the attacks that killed 76 peop people. listen to one of the injured american missionaries describe this terrifying attack. >> my group of six americans and
10:18 am
five ugandans were at the front and the first period passed and then at the start of the second period, i just, it was like a big confusion, a big blast went off. and like, i like blacked out for a soekd and i woke up on the floor. >> joining us from harrisburg, pennsylvania s the reverend kathleen kind. good morning and thank you for being with us. >> good morning, thank you, chris. >> what can you tell me about the condition of all the folks who were down there from your church? >> we have six folks who are from our church still in uganda. five of those persons have been injured and wounded and at this time all five of those are receiving medical care. some have been receiving medical care in uganda and then moved on to kenya and south africa so
10:19 am
they can continue to receive care. we're hearing it from our members as they're calling their families and checking in at home that they're feeling better, they're doing better, however, they're still recovering and still have some very significant medical needs. >> tell us a little bit about the work that they were doing down there in uganda because when i read about it, frankly, i think a lot of people would be shocked to hear some of the conditions and some of what faced them down there. >> what this has been an ongoing relationship with a community of faith with the church just outside of compela and our folks were there to help with some construction work, whatever was necessary. also our mission team was caring for some relational concerns and evangelical concerns and hosting women's retreats and our people on the missions team were speaking with the young people in uganda about relationships
10:20 am
and one of the things that our folks were able to do were to take the children to a field trip to the zoo and a lot ofinter relationship building and a lot of wintness to faith and talking about a relationship with god and whatever kind of construction help necessary. what they found in this ongoing relationship is that the needs are constant and the needs are ongoing and the needs of the people in uganda are very significant. >> and i think the children, in particular, for sure, do you have a good sense of when they might be stable enough to be brought home? >> at this point, we don't know that. we are certainly hoping and praying that their medical needs can be stabilized as soon as possible so that they can come home to their families and i honestly think that we'll all have a sigh of relief when we see our mission team home again
10:21 am
with us. however, we are so appreciative of the care that they are receiving with the concerns that persons have expressed with the communities of faith that people of faith who have been surrounding them and uplifting them in prayer. >> reverend kind, thank you so much. our prayers and thoughts are with everyone there and safe home to all of them. >> thank you. confidence in president obama takes another big dip republicans come out swinging against the president. they're, once again, claiming he spent too much time playing golf and not enough time working on the crisis in the gulf. the communication directors face off, coming up.
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this is an aerial shot of the new yankee stadium, something that was a dream of yankee owner george steinbrenner, who we just learned died today at the age of o80 after a massive heart attack. one of the most flamboyant, best
10:25 am
known and certainly controversial figures in baseball behind the scenes and also someone who turned a struggling franchise he bought from cbs back in the early '70s to a million dollar juggernaut. george steinbrenner dead at the confidence in president obama sunk a new low. "washington post"/nbc news survey. it's even worse for republicans and democrats, about 7 in 10
10:26 am
voters give them low marks in the confidence department. republicans are taking new shots at president obama accusing him of choosing golf over the gulf. in a new interactive website internet browsers are asked to drag and drop what republicans call the top five obama leisure activities or missteps that have made them most angry. not to be outdone, democrats just launched their own mocking website called it features republicans, the dnc claims are in the back pocket of the british oil giant. doug high communications director for the republican national committee. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, chris. >> doug, are they saying the president should not get any down time? >> well, certainly the president is entitled to have some downtime, but what we have seen is the president said he was
10:27 am
never going to rest until it is fixed. he has his third vacation coming up and he played 40 rounds of golf since he was president. president bush decided he wasn't going to play any more golf as president because it sent the wrong mesage to the troops. that was the right decision. if this white house can criticize the ceo of bp for going yachting, then the president ought to do the right thing and put down the clubs and let's focus on fixing this. >> brad, let me read you a statement. while communities along the gulf coast are reeling from the devastating economic and environmental impact of the ongoing spill, it is beyond offensive that this president would even think about scheduled a tee time. how much further out of touch can president obama get? do you think he's right that we're seeing the numbers for the president in this latest poll? >> on a scale of one to ten on the meter, it doesn't make any
10:28 am
sense. they're criticizing the president for having gone home to his private residence in chicago with his family for the weekend. that is really beyond the pail and they're also suggesting somehow -- >> let me point this out more than a few democrats criticize president bush while he was on his ranch in texas or playing golf. are we being disinuoengeingenuo? >> there is no where near, president obama has not taken off as much time as president bush has at this time in the presidency. the president is not engaged. he has been to the gulf numerous times and, look this is really an effort to distract from the fact that republicans are app l apologizing to bp. remember, they can criticize the president for setting up and forcing bp to set up an escrow fund to take care of gulf coast residents in impacts from the
10:29 am
spill. >> doug, it is sort of the superpiece of this new dnc website called it features infamous apology to bp. is this a real problem for the republicans? >> at the end of the day the republicans are in control of the senate and the white house. it's their responsibility and we want everybody to work forward towards this goal. we have a real problem whose initial inclination is not to pick up the phone and call bp and fix this problem, send somebody down from the cabinet for ten days. he picks up the phone and makes a tee time. that is a real problem. it shows a lackadaisical approach to the presidency. the communications department at the republican national committee didn't put out a tweet or a press release on this until obama's speech. what we saw real criticism like james carville and terry mcauliffe, that's for the left to argue amongst themselves.
10:30 am
>> brad, do democrats or do republicans, do you guys really want to be taking shots at each other? do you want to be putting up these websites at a time when, frankly, the american people seem to be fed up with people in congress. fed up with the power and isn't there plenty of blame to go around? >> well, look, i think there's plenty of blame to go around. and for doug to sit there and defend republicans apologizing to bp for him to sit down there and defend them calling the bp escrow fund a shakedown or extortion is really beyond the pail. i mean, this president has forced bp to set aside $20 billion. it's unprecedented. you know, with no strings attached to help take care of the gulf coast. how can anybody be critical of that? >> again y would say that the people most critical of this administration, james carville. terry mcauliffe.
10:31 am
those are all democrats. >> you head up a website criticizing the president for going to his home in chicago for three days. one day of which he spent in the gulf, by the way. >> brad, dulg, have to let that be the last word. thank you, gentlemen. >> george steinbrenner, rest in peace. doug, let me ask you real quick because i know you're a long-time yankees fan, your thoughts about the death of george steinbrenner? >> it's, obviously, sad news and follows up on bob shepherd's death this weekend. i remember my last time at yankee stadium was just a few weeks ago and one thing about george steinbrenner. he wanted to put winners on the field all the time. he won his last world series in his new stadium last year. nbc luke russert usually covers capitol hill for us, but, before that he covered sports on the radio and met george steinbrenner.
10:32 am
also with us george carton. let me ask you, first, folks are calling in, i assume, and have been since this news came out. what are you hearing from them? >> obviously, great loss to the new york sports world and the larger picture, the baseball world because he was without question, without debate, the single largest figure, owner, player, general manager, investor, broadcaster that the sport has had in the last 40 years. tremendous loss to the baseball community and he's so responsible for so many of the good things that we take for granted now in baseball and local networks and in boston and other networks nationwide and he's also responsible for making players multimillionaires because he was not afraid to bring high-price players in here and he really set the new world owner as far as player salaries go. his fingerprints are indelible and will be there forever in the world of baseball. >> he did it, of course, in a
10:33 am
town that is known superchewing people up and spitting them out. there were lots of tabloid headlines about him over the years. yankee fans are never happy when they lose. they may be certainly as unhappy as george steinbrenner was when they got it into the l column. what was it about him that made him successful, particularly in new york. >> you have to be a bull and just do things your way and not care about what people say about you. some people do that and, obviously, not succeed. he had the money behind him and the vision behind him and he was restless. when you combine those things and you add to it a guy that knew how to be successful, that was a pretty good combination there. he is a guy, even though he's not a new yorker, he might as well be a new yorker. anything other than winning wasn't acceptable. he took over franchises that went a long time without winning. of any man that own oed the new york yankees, seven world series
10:34 am
rings and banners hanging in yankee stadium and that is a direct influence of him as a winner. >> luke, do you remember how old you were when you first met george steinbrenner? >> i think i was 12 years old and it was down in tampa, florida, at the beautiful facility the yankees have down there. and george steinbrenner actually showed up to the interview and i distinctly remember that as he was walking there right before he arrived, you could hear the walkie-talkies of all the stadium personnel. whenever george steinbrenner showed up somewhere, it was a huge moment. people would secury and get in place and he came, much like the king he was, with this franchise the new york yankees and very personable to me and shook my hand and gave me a yankees shirt and he noticed i was admiring the grass down there and he said, go ahead and run on it. and one groundskeeper said, this
10:35 am
is my grass, if the kid wants to run on the grass, he can run on the grass. taking note of the yankees from 1973 to present day, seven world series titles and actually extraordinary accomplishment. but when we look at modern day baseball, the one man who is really responsible for bringing us into this new era of large player salaries and tv deals and an era where players have more power than they ever did is really george steinbrenner. he is the person that we will look back on in 50 years the kei keith obberman will look back at him as someone who transformed the game. a lot of people say for better a. and the team that had a huge fan support all across the country. he globalized the yankees. the markets in asia and jose
10:36 am
contras and setting up yankee camps down in cuba. he realized the importance of foreign players and really develop them at a young age. the changes that he made, which he was able to do by this vast empire are going to be in baseball for years and years and years to come. it is truly a remarkable life not only in sports ownership but someone who worked hard and came together and was able to fill out their dream. seven world series title and going out on top. wherever he is right now, he has a smile on his face. >> did you ever put on that yankee jersey he gave you? no comment. >> i have been a baseball orphan my whole life. i started out with the orioles and they left me and i'm a nationals fan. i am not going to bring up the team and the state of massachusetts, it's a george steinbrenner day. >> luke, craig, thank you for coming. [ whistling ]
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well, this is the house that george built, i think you could say, long-time george steinbrenner wanted a new yankee stadium and he got it. his team has been playing there. but today we learned at the age of 80, george steinbrenner died after a heart attack. coming up, we'll get reaction from new york city mayor and much more as we follow this breaking news this morning. still developing now on msnbc, we are at a critical juncture in the 85-day long effort to cap that leaking well in the gulf of mexico. still waiting to hear from bp if this new containment cap is working. the next 6 to 48 hours are said to be critical. bp is testing the new cap right now to see if it could take the pressure and eventually capture that leaking pressure. former oil executive with 30 years experience in the field. good to see you, bob, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> i liked this anology.
10:41 am
one bp executive compared this to a giant faucet. they crank it down and turn it off and the flow essentially stops. is that a good anology? is that how it's going to work? >> that's pretty much the way it works, chris. they will gradually close in the well to see how much pressure it could take. there's two issues here. one is the strength of the old blowout preventer stack and that flex joint that's on top that the new cap is sitting on, but it's also very, very critical that the casing down below stay in tact. you recall during the top kill over the memorial day weekend there was a lot of concern about down hole damage in that casing so they'll watch as that pressure builds for any drop. if it drops, then they know they have a leak somewhere. >> there is more optimism than i think we've seen at any other time since this spill started. do you think it's deserved? >> i am not ready to slap high fives and tossing babies in the
10:42 am
air because there is a long way to go before we really know and the only way to get this thing stopped is the bottom kill from the relief well. that's what i'm really looking for, that permanent fix. >> any chance you think this could significantly backfire that we had something in place that it was stopping quite a bit of the oil. is there a chance now that if this doesn't work that we're sort of stuck with this until those relief wells are done? >> well, they are risking an underground blowout or damage to the well head, but i would assume they're going to go very, very slow with that and if they have any problem at all, they'll go back to producing the well. they have to get these ships hooked up and the others to get that oil contained and remember, too, none of this containment works during a hurricane and that's one of my biggest concerns also. >> bob, it's good to see you. thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me, chris. a very busy morning here on msnbc, still to come, the new
10:43 am
tapes from radaronline. mel gibson. his is his career over as we hear his rant against his ex-girlfriend. [ wind howling ]
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physical activity during the teen years appears to protect girls from developing memory and thinking problems later in life. a new study finds those that exercise regularly have a lower risk of cognitive impairment. researchers say exercise brain plasticity which is linked to problems with cognition. 37 years the own oer of the new york yankees at which time they won 11 pennants and 7 world champions and he was, as "the new york post" put it loved and loathed but no one can deny the
10:47 am
fact that he was, indeed, a champion. george steinbrenner this morning in florida died of a massive heart attack at the age of 80. we just got a statement from new york senator chuck schumer who calls him a true new york icon and coming up we'll talk to ed coch. 1... 2... 3...lift! ha-ha ha ha ha! [ slam! ] [ ding! ] [ chirp! ] [ stomp! stomp! stomp! stomp! ] [ beep! crank! ] [ pop! pop! pop! ] [ ding! ] [ ding! ] [ clank! fizz! clink! ] it's... time! [ click! click! click! click! ] shh! [ girl ] it's on! [ female announcer ] walmart and p&g present the jensen project, july 16th, 8/7 central on nbc. family movie night is back. make yours complete with all of this for just $9. save money. live better. walmart. make yours complete with all of this for just $9. fifteen percent or more on car insurance? can fútbol announcer andrés cantor make any sport exciting? ha sido una partida intensa hoy. jadrovski está pensando. está pensando.
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he was once on all of hollywood's a-list actor mel gibson appears to have sunk to a new low. videotapes unleashing on his former girlfriend. today we hear him calling his daughter's latino nanny a racial slur. >> i will make it known and fire her. >> fine. >> i will report her to the [ bleep ] that take money. >> joining me now radaronline
10:51 am
dillon howard. nbc news has not independently verified the tapes. apparently, you have. is that true? no doubt in your mind that this is mel gibson. certainly sounds like him. >> what has been the reaction? as bad as the first ones were, it seems like the ones you continue to release get worse and worse. >> hollywood stung by these types and today we see more hate and more racial slurs, as you said, he refers to a latino worker of he and his ex-lover as a wet vac. but this man has serious hatred towards women and we just released he refers to her as a mentally deprived idiot. he said, you don't count. it's disgusting stuff. >> at one point is it true that he offered her $20 million to make this all go away? >> i understand that as part of the casting battle, which this all stems from, he offered $20
10:52 am
million in exchange for an 80/20 custody deal, moving towards 50/50. he would have 20% of the time to be alone with the child. >> indeed, in moving towards 50/50 over time. she has yet to earn $20 million over her lifetime. she felt even at 80/20 she was putting her daughter at risk. although she signed an initial draft of that agreement. >> let me play another part of the tape. i just want to tell people if this is quite unpleasant. we'll play a little clip of the tape from radaronline. >> i give you everything, don't you dare complain to me. how dare you -- [ bleep ] don't count. >> is it possible that criminal charges could come out of this? >> inevitably. the los angeles sheriff department is investigating mel
10:53 am
gibson in a domestic violence probe and they subpoenaed these tapes from the los angeles superior court and mel gibson not only faces humiliation but facing serious criminal charges if he is, indeed, found to have hit her on january 26th. but more telling yesterday in one of the tapes we released, he admitted hitting her because "she f'ing deserved it." not once, but twice he threatened to bury her and, secondly, putting a bat to her head. >> yet, yesterday, on "the view" whoopi goldberg defended mel gibson. let me play that little clip from "the view" yesterday. >> i know meland i know he's not a racist. >> oh, really? >> yeah. he may be a bonehead. >> well, that language certainly sounded racist to me. >> i have had a long friendship with mel.
10:54 am
i just want to make this really clear. let me finish this, please. is that you can say he's being a bonehead, but i can't sit and say that he's a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids. i can't sate it. >> is there any sense that there are people besides whoopi in hollywood who are coming to his defense? are the reports of the demise of his career perhaps exaggerated? >> whoopi goldberg stands alone. everyone else, not me, is suggesting that his career is over and the reason they say that is that he ostracized so many demographics. women, black people and he ostracized jews and also ostracized the king demographic of latinos, as well. they are diminished significantly as a result of these tirades. >> there are people questioning whether or not he was drunk at
10:55 am
the time these tapes were made and you'll also hear people saying, drunk or not, things don't come out of your mouth unless they're in your brain. is there any indication that he was drinking or under the influence of something at the time these tapes were made. >> we have no idea and the reason we have no idea is that mel gibson hasn't commented publicly. we spoke to his people some 12 days ago. that said, it is time, i believe, that mel gibson ought to come out and deny it and doesn't appear as though he is. he needs to come out and say so if he needs to apologize or admit something, then he should. interestingly we saw a report this morning saying that mel had gone into therapy to try to extricate himself peacefully with his relationship. but you listen to the tapes, do you think that's peaceful? >> we haven't mentioned this, but he also has an ex-wife and
10:56 am
is the divorce final and all those kids, so i think six or seven children. >> he has seven children to his first wife, robin. so, so many people affected by this and so many people watching, too. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. that will do it for me, i'm chris jansing. see you at 3:00 p.m. eastern with much more. tamarron hall is next. a lot of reaction coming tine the death of george steinbrenner. he just turned 80 july 4th and a couple statements from people who says he is a visionary in baseball. plus, the gulf oil disaster and that new, tighter fitting cap has actually been placed on the leaking oil well. we'll show you live pictures and assess the possibility of this cap working. we're going to take a look at that. you're watching msnbc news live.
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